Walk ‘n Train Enrichment Program

Walk 'n Train Enrichment Program

Are you coming home and finding chewed up sofa cushions, or the kitchen trash is strewn all over the floor? Do you notice a change in your dog’s mood? Do they seem more needy or causing trouble for attention? Your dog may be bored, and East Paws has the cure for the boredom blues! At East Paws, we decided that it was time to create a brand new service that will be beneficial to your pets and helpful to our clients. Our dog walking and pet sitting services will be available, but to add more excitement to your pup’s activities, we’ve created the Walk’ n Train Enrichment Program! This program aims to turn your bored pup into a tired pup !


Introducing the New Walk’ n Train Enrichment Program

The Walk’ n Train Enrichment Program includes various activities in different environments. It is intended to exercise or train your dog depending on what their needs are. Your dog will not only receive a healthy dose of their daily exercise, but they will also receive a refresher of their training. This program aims to promote a healthy lifestyle in your dog while positively reinforcing their training cues so they can be better behaved at home when you are away. These fitness and training goals are achieved through training, mental stimulation and interaction through playtime, physical exercises, and games.


What to Expect from the Walk’ n Train Enrichment Program

The Walk’ n Train Enrichment Program will include a set of activities and training to be done in various environments. The activities can take place in your home, or we’ll take your dog out to release some energy on a neighborhood walk, or on a field trip around the area. The adventures this program provides are everything your dogs need for development and their physical and mental health. Not to mention, it will tire out your pup! The neat thing about this program is that we make sure it is specialized and tailored according to your dog’s needs and the care they require. For older dogs, with less energy, the focus may be more on training and light games and exercise. You can expect your pet to return home feeling fulfilled with a day full of fun with one of our pet professionals.

Walk 'n Train Enrichment Program

Benefits of the Walk’ n Train Enrichment Program

The benefits of this program include more than just a tired dog to come home to. Your dog will be tired but will still have just enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day with you when you come home. This program aims to challenge them enough so that they are thinking and being stimulated but also exercised in just the right amount. The Walk’ n Train Enrichment program is like school for your dog with training for lessons and recess for playtime. It’s the perfect balance of work and play. After just the first day, you’ll notice a difference in your dog’s overall mood. After a couple of sessions, you may see a significant improvement in their mood, energy and overall health. Perhaps the most significant benefit of this program is the healthy activity and lifestyle it promotes for your dog. 


Contact us for More Information

If this program sounds like something your dog would enjoy, please call us for more information. This program will be sold as a package and will only permit one dog at a time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out if this program is suitable for your dog! If you are interested in learning more about the Walk’ n Train Enrichment Program, you can contact us at East Paws for more information or call us at 954 468 9981. Help fight your dog’s boredom today!

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