The Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Parks

The Do's and Don'ts of Dog Parks

With things opening up after 2020 you may be getting back to the dog park! Have you ever wondered what The do’s and don’ts of Dog Parks were? Every place has a certain etiquette to follow, and the dog park is no different. Rules and regulations are set for good reasons. These do’s and don’ts are in place to keep owners and dogs safe and maintain a peaceful and fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Here are some do’s and don’ts of Dog Parks. 


The rules set for dog parks may differ depending on the type of dog park you go to—whether it is an on-leash or off-leash park or fenced in or open field. Be sure to research and look up the rules for your specific dog park. The idea that pet parents are responsible for their pet’s behavior is universal, so please ensure your pet is friendly and sociable to prevent unwanted damage or harm. In any case, these rules are generally respected in all dog parks.


Do Pick Up After Your Dog

No one likes an unkempt park. Do your part and pick up after your dog so that other dogs and pet owners can enjoy it without worrying about stepping in poop. Not only is the excrement a source of disease, but it’s also unpleasant to see and smell. Let’s keep the atmosphere clean in the dog park!


Do Have Vaccinations and Identification

For the safety of all the other dogs, please ensure your dog is vaccinated and healthy to socialize with others. Dogs get dirty and slobber, so germs are easy to spread. Please don’t bring your dog to the dog park if you suspect they are not feeling well. 

In addition to vaccinations, make sure you have a collar on your dog or that they are microchipped. Having some identification when your dog might get lost or run further away will be very useful in these emergencies. It’s essential not to take your eyes off your dog in the park, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and prepared for anything in any case. 


Do Bring Your Leash

It’s always a good idea to carry your leash around the dog park. You never know when you need to take control of your dog or de-escalate a situation. Whether it’s a huge puddle you’re looking to avoid, or a rowdy dog, or a person, having a leash will allow you to take control when necessary. This is a great safety tip that will keep your dog safe and out of trouble. It will also spare you the drastic and embarrassing chase after your dog around the dog park. 

The Do's and Don'ts of Dog Parks

Don’t Bring Food

A dog park isn’t the place for a picnic. Having food in a dog park can attract food-driven and untrained dogs in your direction. This will set the dog up for failure when the owner is trying to train and can lead to awkward encounters if a dog steals your plate! A snack for reward is fine to pack but let’s keep the dog park free of human food, so there are no upset tummies or potential allergic reactions. 


Don’t Bring Unaltered Dogs

If your dog is not spayed or neutered, please be extra cautious when you bring them to the dog park. An unaltered male can be more aggressive and reactive to other dogs, especially if there are any unaltered females in the area. Please have your dog on a leash and be vigilant of their behavior to others. Females that are not spayed should not go to the dog park in times of heat. They can cause dogs to react to urges that may be more difficult to prevent. To keep the dog park safe and friendly, please refrain from bringing unaltered dogs to the park, especially if they are in heat or if they are known to be reactive, territorial, or possessive. 


Don’t Bring Small Kids or Dog Fearing People

Little kids may not be big enough to handle the excitement of a dog park. Dogs are rambunctious and excited and could potentially run into a child knocking them over and causing harm. It’s best to prevent these accidents and not bring any small children that can be toppled over. People who are scared or uncomfortable around dogs should not go to a dog park either. Dogs can sense fear, and while some dogs will ignore people, others will take the opportunity to run up and greet anyone their way. This can lead to some awkward encounters that are better to avoid!


There are plenty of dog park etiquette rules to follow and abide by. The do’s and don’ts of Dog Parks can differ according to the type of dog park you attend and the type of dogs attending. In an ideal world, all dogs are friendly and get along. We know this isn’t the case, so it’s always good to take these precautions to mind. If you need help socializing your dog a bit more before taking them to the dog park, then check out our dog walking services. We’ll take your dog out and ensure they’ll get their energy spent! Contact us for more information.

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