Should you put your dog in a costume?

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October is coming up quickly, and the spooky season of Halloween is fast approaching. During this time, it’s very tempting to get all dressed up in funny or scary costumes. The temptation doesn’t stop at just dressing ourselves! It’s so much fun to include your dog in the festivities, too,  so doggie costumes are always a massive hit for Halloween. Despite the fun, costumes may not be your dog’s favorite thing. Here are some things to consider if you are wondering whether you should put your dog in a costume.


Don’t Keep Costumes on for Too Long

As a general rule, remember never to leave a costume on your dog for hours. Depending on your dog’s breed, having extra material on them for a prolonged period can cause them to overheat. Dogs with long or curly coats can also feel uncomfortable with the fabric pulling at their fur. This can irritate and change their mood for the worse. If your dog does not mind getting all dressed up, keep track of the time to know when your dog needs a break from their costume. Costumes can also be quite restricting for our dog’s limbs, and giving them a break from the outfit will make them feel at ease. 


Observe your Dog’s Reaction to the Costume

Your dog’s initial reaction to a costume may be the only thing you need to see to determine if your dog likes a costume or not. Some dogs will never like costumes or any piece of clothing you give them. This is just something you must accept and not force on them. Some dogs can learn not to mind costumes and may gradually accept them with frequent training. Some dogs don’t care what you put them in as long as you give them attention! Knowing your dog and their tolerance is essential, so be sure to note their reactions and behaviors in whatever you bring to them. 

Dogs and Halloween Should you put your dog in a costume

Be Mindful of their Size and Comfort

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and so do costumes. If your dog is a fan of outfits, you must find one fitting for their size. Be mindful of their measurements and ensure there is enough space for them to move comfortably. A costume that restricts movement is too tight. With all the different doggie costumes out there, you may have to accept that your dog may not be able to wear every costume out there. In reality, some costumes are made for smaller dogs and others for larger ones. Don’t force your dog into costumes just because you want them to fit a theme or character.


Better Costume Alternatives

Just because your dog may not be a fan of costumes does not mean you cannot show your excitement for Halloween. There are tons of Halloween pet accessories that you can purchase. Halloween-themed collars and leashes are always available at this time in stores, and other cute clip-on accessories are also available. Check out your options at your local pet store or online.


Stay Spooky but Safe

Halloween is an enjoyable time to get dressed up and look silly, all for fun. It’s even more fun to include our pets and dress them in silly costumes for contests or just a couple of laughs. As much joy as it gives us to see our pups dressed for the occasion, we must still consider their comfort when dressing them up and consider whether we should put our dog in a costume. If your dog doesn’t mind wearing costumes, then go all out, but be sure to give them a  break from the outfit from time to time. If you see your pet running away from the costume, it may be good to give up on the idea and buy a festive alternative accessory instead. 

With this in mind, you can still have fun this Halloween while considering your dog’s comfort. If you’re planning on going out on Halloween, check out our pet sitting and dog walking services, and we’ll keep your pup company!


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