Responsible Pet Ownership and Being Aware of Others

Responsible Pet Ownership and Being Aware of Others

Being a responsible pet owner is more than just taking care of your dog. Picking up after your dog and making sure they have a form of identification that can have them recognized is just as important. Being aware of other people and other dogs is essential for being a responsible pet owner. Our pets and neighbors need to live harmoniously. Here are some ways to be considerate of others while being a responsible pet owner. 


Picking Up After Your Pet

One of the essential responsibilities of pet ownership that people don’t like is picking up after their pets. It is an unpleasant job, but it is crucial. It keeps the environment and spaces clean while preventing the spread of disease and bacteria. Cleaning up after your dog and disposing of their waste correctly can benefit the environment and those living in it. Even the poop bags that claim to be biodegradable do not remove the risk of harmful material coming from dog feces. Keeping the environment clean is one reason to clean after your pet; the other reason is out of simple courtesy, so no one has to worry about stepping in poop!


Pet Waste Misconceptions

People often think that since dog waste is biodegradable, it can be a good fertilizer for the ground. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Dog feces can contain many harmful materials. Feces is bodily waste at the end of the day that can carry bacteria and disease. If your dog’s body doesn’t want it, the ground likely won’t benefit from it either. Biodegradable poop bags don’t change the material of the feces that it holds. This is why it is vital to dispose of it in a trash can.


Keeping the Neighborhood Clean

Keeping the neighborhood clean should be a priority for responsible pet owners. With a clean community, all pet owners in the area do not need to worry about their pets consuming any harmful waste products or their kids and family being exposed. A clean neighborhood will be healthier for the environment and less messy and smelly too! If you don’t have any trash cans around the area you reside, write a letter to your local politician or city council. They can help implement waste bins in the neighborhood to keep things clean. 

Responsible Pet Ownership and Being Aware of Others

Pet Ids and Microchips

Another critical part of being a responsible pet owner is having your pet registered and identified. Having up-to-date contact information can help get your pet identified in an emergency. If your pet gets loose, having a form of identification around their neck or a microchip can have them relocated back to you. With an identification record, people who find your dog can help return them to you instead of being returned to a pound. People may also be less fearful of approaching and helping your dog when they see a collar around their neck, indicating it may be a run away from a nearby home or neighbor. 


Keeping Your Pet and Others Safe

Being a responsible pet owner is knowing how to keep your pet and others safe. Picking up after your pet ensures a clean neighborhood safe from hazardous wastes that can negatively affect your loved ones. Having a proper form of identification can keep your pet safe and help others return them to you if they get loose. Remember, responsible pet ownership is more than just feeding your pet and giving them exercise. The little things like disposing of their waste and registering them with identification are essential. Book a service with us today! At East Paws, we pride ourselves on our responsible and professional pet care.

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