Professional pet-sitting starting at just $27!

East Paws offers pet-sitting services to accommodate you and your pet’s unique needs while you’re away. For those times you’ll be gone during the daytime, our standard pet-sitting visits are right for you. One of our professional pet caregivers will visit your pet up to four times a day and this includes feeding, poop scooping, playtime, and keeping your pet company.

Pet-Sitting services

Daily Pet-Sitting 

45 minute stays

Up to 4 times a day:

Mornings (7 am– 9 am) 

• Midday (10 am–3pm) 

• Evening (4–6 pm) 

Starting at $27.00


$5.00 per additional dog

$5.00 for medical injections

$2.00 for medicine (oral or topical) 


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