Pet Services and Dog Walking during COVID-19

Pet Services and Dog Walking during COVID-19
It is no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of changes to all businesses, especially the pet service industry, with the way pet services are administered and the way client interactions are conducted. At East Paws Pet Services, we take these changes very seriously and continue to strive to provide the best service to our customers with new safety measures to protect our staff, customers, and pets. Despite the current state of the world, our pets still need regular care, attention, and exercise. So, we came up with innovative ways to continue providing you and your pet with our best possible service. From dog walking to pet sitting, we can provide you with safe and effective pet services while giving your pets the fun and attention they need despite COVID-19. Here are some changes and new procedures we introduced to ensure we maintain the health and safety for all.

Contactless Appointments

Appointments for our services can be scheduled by a phone call or through our website. By offering contactless customer service and scheduling methods, we can ensure your needs are met with the services we can provide and comply with COVID-19 safety regulations. Through phone calls and online support, we can ask our clients health screening questions before reservations are confirmed to ensure everyone’s health and safety. These screening questions will help us understand your current health status and will determine the services we could provide for your situation. 

Conducting Zoom Meetings 

In addition to providing contactless support and forms of scheduling appointments, we have also introduced contactless meetings. Although these meetings may not be the same as in-person meetings, they still hold great value. They can be very beneficial for our customer and pet interactions in examining and discussing your beloved pets’ behavior and temperament. The benefit of conducting Zoom meetings is that they can happen from the comfort of your own home. Scheduling them can be more flexible since a mobile device can be portable, and these meetings can be conducted anywhere. 
services and Dog Walking during COVID-19

Wearing Masks During Services

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be wearing masks when conducting and administering services to our clients. By wearing a mask, we will prevent the spread of germs and keep all parties safe and healthy during any interaction. For our dog walking services, we will be sure to pick your dog up wearing a mask and follow social distancing procedures. Similarly, when dropping your dog off after the walk, our mask will be kept on, and proper cleaning and sanitizing practices will be followed to ensure your dog is dropped off with the least amount of exposure to other people.

Constant Sanitization and Cleaning Procedures 

In addition to wearing masks, we will also be following strict sanitization and cleaning procedures. Cleaning and sanitizing will be conducted before and after every client interaction. This way, you can have peace of mind that your pet will be in safe hands without worrying about transmitting any unwanted germs. For our dog walks, we will ensure the equipment and leashes are kept clean and sanitized after each use. 
We take everyone’s health and safety very seriously. With these new precautions and procedures in place, we hope to continuously care for your furry friends and help our customers safely and effectively. Although life has thrown us a curveball, we believe that the care, affection, and services we provide for your pets should not be impacted. We will continue to ensure our staff and clientele are healthy and safe through these procedures and measures in place.
We look forward to caring for and spending time with your furry friends, and we thank you for your business and support. 

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