February 20th is Love Your Pet Day

Love Your Pet Day

February is a month known for love. Along with Valentine’s Day, it also has a day dedicated to loving your pet. February 20th is known as Love Your Pet Day. With the current state of the world, any day for the celebration of love should be embraced. Even though our furry friends will not understand this special day dedicated to them, we should still show them some extra love this month. Here are some ideas on how to spend Love Your Pet Day with your beloved pet(s).


Go on an Adventure

One of the simplest ways to show your pet love is by spending time with them. For the active dogs in our lives, they will love spending time with you outdoors. Whether it be an exciting adventure or a long walk they are sure to enjoy it. Not only will this allow them to spend their energy, but they’ll also be spending their energy alongside their best friend. For ideas on local places to go dog walking, check out the blog for the Top 5 Places for Dog Walking in Broward County

Keep in mind that an adventure does not need to be a long one. Even a short stroll around the neighborhood or a game of catch in the park will satisfy your dog and do them a lot of good. 


Buy a Toy or Treat

For our older or less active pets, buying a toy or a treat will have our pets over the moon with joy! A short stop or trip to the pet store will get your pets excited. The ride in the car alone will make them happy. Returning from the shop with a surprise in hand will surely make them feel loved. Little purchases are a great way to show your pets you care.

Make sure you do your research about which pet toy would suit your pet best. There are tons of resources online to help you find the perfect pet toy. If you need some ideas or advice on a pet toy, you can also contact us for our recommendations. Keep in mind your pet’s age and their level of energy for the right toy.

Similarly, for the best treats, make sure you do your research in finding the right treats for your pet. Keep in mind their health and any allergies they may have. You can purchase a biscuit treat for dogs as a quick snack. Or for a longer-lasting chew treat, a stuffed bone or a bully stick would be preferred. This will bring longer lasting enjoyment and mental stimulation. Again your pet’s age and energy levels can help you determine the right treat for them.


Love Your Pet Day


Cook a Special Meal

A great way humans show love is through food. Since we love to spoil our furry friends, we can also cook them a special meal for their day! This is another way we can show our love and appreciation. Knowing some of your pet’s favorite meats and ingredients can help you decide on a recipe. There are so many food options and online recipes to try. Cooking a homemade meal for your pet is a nice change from their daily kibble diet. 

If you’re not a fan of cooking, there are tons of canned and ready-made pet meals available at your local pet stores in Broward County. Your pet is sure to enjoy a different meal from time to time, so why not let them enjoy it on Love Your Pet Day. If your pet has specific dietary restrictions, please ask your vet about the foods your pet can eat.


Enjoy Each Other’s Company 

Whether you choose an active activity outdoors or you decide to stay indoors and snuggle up with a movie, your pet is sure to enjoy the time you spend with them regardless of the activity. If you are away from home and need someone to love your pet while you’re away, please check out our pet sitting services. If you have a dog or a cat, we’ll be happy to take care of your furry friend and show them all the love on Love Your Pet Day.

If you’re busy for part of the day and need help taking your dog out, we also offer dog walking services. This way your dog doesn’t have to spend Love Your Pet Day alone. 

Despite Love Your Pet Day is only in February, we like to show love to our pets every day!

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