Holiday Pet Gift-Giving Guide

Holiday Pet Gift Giving Guide

The holidays are just around the corner, and the gift shopping rush is here! Although our pets aren’t the hardest to shop for, there is just an overwhelming amount of choice out there. We thought we’d put together a holiday pet gift-giving guide that will help you decide on the perfect gift for your pets or the pets in your life. Be sure to consider these ideas when you go shopping for your pup this year!


Cozy Gifts

Cozy gifts are always a great idea for humans and dogs. A new bed to snuggle up to or a soft blanket to cuddle with are great gifts for our pets. Our dogs love to feel safe and warm and a new bed to sleep in while you’re away is a great idea. Other comforting gifts include plush toys, pillows, or a nice cuddly sweater for those colder nights. Give your dog the feeling of safety with a comforting gift this holiday season.


Yummy Gifts

For the treat lovers in our life, satisfy their hunger with a delicious treat! You’re bound to find the right one for your dog with all the choices out there. Whether they love meaty treats or cookie treats, there are many options to choose from. Making homemade treats is financially savvy, and you get more bang for your buck. These treats also tend to be healthier and safer since you know all the ingredients in them. But, if you’re not a baker in the kitchen, then some store-bought purchases may be best. Always be sure to read the ingredients in the treats you purchase. Investing in a solid but edible bone may be best for the chewers. Be sure to buy bones without rawhide, as that can be tough on a dog’s digestion. For dogs that love cookies, you can purchase some at a store near you or support your local dog treat businesses. 

Holiday Pet Gift Giving Guide

Accessories and Toys

Gifts don’t have to be spectacular. Anything that your dog may need in everyday life can make a great gift they will appreciate. Sometimes gifts can be necessities like water bowls, a new collar, name tags, or chew toys. A fancy new collar will be a hit at the dog park, and a new toy can keep them occupied for hours. When purchasing a new toy for your dog, be sure to take your dog’s activity levels, age, and behavior into consideration. This will help you determine the suitable toy for your dog and keep them occupied and entertained. 


Surprise Monthly Boxes

Pet subscription options have gained a lot of popularity over the years. Not only do these boxes show up conveniently at your doorstep, they consistently provide your dog with new toys and treats every month. This is a perfect gift for indecisive dog owners or pet owners that want to spoil their pups all year round! Be sure to research the best subscription box for your dog and the one that will fit their needs. These subscription boxes are usually customizable according to your dog’s breed, age, and activity level, so you can be sure they provide you with suitable items your pup can enjoy! 

There are tons of holiday pet gift-giving guides online. We thought we’d help you narrow down the list and brainstorm some  ideas. Remember, the best gift you can give your pet this holiday season is spending time with them. Be sure they’re not alone for the holidays, and remember to call East Paws for all your dog sitting needs. We’ll always treat your furry family like our own. Happy Holidays from your family at East Paws!

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