5 Ways to Prepare your Pets for the Holidays

5 Ways to Prepare your Pets for the Holidays

Despite all the curveballs 2020 has thrown at us, we can still safely celebrate the holiday season with our loved ones on a small scale. Preparing for small family gatherings this year will be a bit different, but we can still make the best of what we can this year. In preparing for the holidays, we cannot forget to take some time and prepare our four-legged friends to welcome guests and look their best! Here are 5 things to consider when preparing your pet for the holidays. 

Pet Sitters and Arrangements

If you’re not hosting the events this holiday, don’t forget to arrange some company for your pet. Hiring a professional pet sitter is a great way to keep your pet in good hands and benefit them by having some company over the holiday season. Planning and ensuring your pet will not be alone will give you peace of mind and provide your pet with the mental stimulation they need for their health. You can count on East Paws to go above and beyond and take care of your pet’s basic needs while maintaining their routine in the comfort of your home. Please contact East Paws to arrange a visit or pet sitting for the days you are away. 

Manners and Training

The holidays are a very social time of year. Despite gatherings being small this year, it is still essential to have your pets well behaved to ensure that both they and your guests feel comfortable. Teaching your pet manners and basic training commands can go a long way in feeling confident in your pet and how they behave around other people and animals. Having a well-trained pet can lead to successful gatherings with guests and strengthen your bond and connection. If you have any questions or would like to set up a training session or assessment, please contact East Paws for help with your training needs. 

Grooming Appointments

In addition to behaving well, a well-groomed pet can make quite the impression for the holidays! Booking a groom for your pet will ensure you have a clean pet with less shedding and hair for your guests to see around the house and on them! 

Along with looking clean, there also won’t be a lingering odour to worry about and less Febreeze for you to spray around the house. Your pet will also be thankful for the groom since the cleaner they are, the more cuddles they’ll get!

Leave your guests impressed and book your pet a groom this holiday season.

Gift Buying

We all like to spoil our fur babies like kids and buy them treats and toys they can play with. It is important to get the right gift for your pet to provide them with the comfort, mental stimulation, or joy they need. To get more gift ideas or help in finding the right gift, research pet gift guides, or ask East Paws for their advice on the best toys for your furry friend(s) based on their observations of the time spent with your pet(s). The right toy can benefit your pet’s growth and development while also spending their energy and keeping them entertained. 

Pet Safe Menu

Cooking and baking all our favorite festive foods is essential for every holiday. Unfortunately, our furry friends cannot enjoy the same table food as we do; however, this does not mean that they necessarily have to miss out on the holiday meal! 

Although sharing food is tempting, it can be detrimental to your pet’s health or leave them with an upset stomach. But, to keep with the holiday spirit, you can create a pet-friendly menu for them to enjoy.

For information on pet-safe foods and ingredients, please consult your vet, or do your research for pet-friendly holiday recipes. It’s not fun excluding anyone from the festivities, so keep the warm holiday spirit alive with menus enjoyable for everyone. 

With the holidays coming up fast and with COVID cases on the rise again, it’s essential to be safe and careful when planning events and gatherings for the holidays. These points should help you plan and prepare your pets for the holiday season so that you and your furry friends can enjoy the holidays together!

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