How about a game of Fetch?!

January is National Train Your Dog Month.  I just felt a BIG eye roll from some of you!  You shouldn’t think of training your dog as a chore.  It can be a bonding experience for both of you!  You can (and should) make it FUN!  Your dog doesn’t have to be a robot.  Doing every command perfectly and immediately.  Of course, that would be great!  Only the “Come” cue is the only command they should never ignore, but overall training should be fun. You can teach your dog tricks and entertain your friends and family.  Your dog really loves to be with you and to please you and if there are rewards involved – Yippee!  Did you get a new puppy over the Holidays? Or did you adopt a new pup from the shelter.  You can’t expect a new puppy, or for that matter, a rescued pup to know your house rules. You wouldn’t expect your newborn child to know how to use a fork, walk or use a toilet.  You are going to have to teach them.  Now you have this new pup – who doesn’t speak your language, thinks digging is fun, jumping up is a great way to get close to someone – and you are just going to let them figure it out! You are going to have to teach them.  It’s Train Your Dog Month – you do have to start somewhere!  Need help? Call us at East Paws Pet Services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The phone number is (954) 468-9981.

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