Complimentary Meet & Greet:

We provide a complimentary Meet ‘n Greet for our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services. We want you to meet us and see how your pet responds to us. In addition we want to learn how you care for your pet and offer services that will fit your needs.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services:

East Paws Pet Services provides pet sitting and dog walking services in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding communities. We are a full service pet care provider including pet visits, dog walking, overnights, light grooming and dog training.

Our pet care services include exercising, feeding, poop scooping, playtime, lap time, litter scooping or just keeping your pet company.

Upon request we will provide light grooming which includes brushing, bathing, ear cleaning, nail trims and towel dry.

Need assistance with your dog training, we will reinforcement known cues and help you with new behaviors you want your dog to learn.

Pet Sitting Visits:

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure our daily pet sitting visits will be customized to your pets needs. You can relax and enjoy your trip.

If your pet needs multiple visits a day, we will provide the care your pet needs and be as close to having you there as possible. Does your pet need more love and attention, please see our overnight service.

Daily Dog Walking:

Are you a busy professional with crazy work hours or have you had surgery, maybe an illness has you home bound, don’t feel guilty we will walk your dog for you.

Early morning, midday or evening we will work with your schedule. We love walking! We even love running, if that’s what your dog needs!

Let one of our loving dog walkers give your canine family member the exercise and care he needs with our Fort Lauderdale dog walking service.

Overnight Pet Sitting & House Visits:

If your pet wants more love and attention, we will spend the night in your home. The benefit to your pet is having someone with whom to take a walk or watch T.V. The benefit to you is that great feeling knowing your home and your beloved pet is getting the best of care.

Cat Sitting Services:

Traveling for business or pleasure? But you have a cat (or two or three), what to do, what to do? Call East Paws Pet Services! We will come to your home and provide cat sitting services – feed, scoop the litter, search for hairballs and make sure there is fresh water. We will play with your kitty, or just hang out for awhile. Your kitty will set the tone! Cats don’t like change – don’t take them out of their home! Give us a call and one of our cat loving professional pet sitters is ready to shower your cat with love!