Don’t Go Breaking My Heart…

National Heart Disease Awareness Month

February brings attention to quite a few important issues – spay/neuter awareness, pet dental health and responsible pet owner month to name a sampling.  This blog will bring your attention to Heart Disease awareness.  In years past heart disease was considered a men’s health issue, but it is the leading cause of death in men and women! Here are some symptoms to be aware of:

Nausea, Unexplained Fatigue, Dizziness, Heavy Chest Pain, Arm Pain and Breathlessness

You may be asking why a pet sitting and dog walking company is talking about heart disease?! Well last month at a Vet visit it was discovered that my Boston Terrier has an enlarged heart (a.k.a. heart disease).  Our Vet (Arbor Pet Hospital) wants me to be aware of any increased coughing. I would like to share with you some other symptoms to be aware of and notice how similar the symptoms are to ours.

Tired – lack of energy, Fainting or Collapsing, Frequent Coughing, Shortness of Breath, Reduced Ability to Exercise, Reduced Appetite – gain or loss of weight and Swelling Abdomen

If you notice any of these symptoms and maybe more than one, get your pet to the Vet asap!  There are medications that just might keep your furry buddy around a little longer.  While you’re at it be aware of your own heart.  Your furry buddy might want you around a little longer, too!

So far Beanie is doing fine – no frequent coughing – but we will keep a close eye on him. 

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