April Showers, Bring May Flowers or is it Just More Rain!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Maybe that’s how you feel when it’s raining in South Florida but if you own a dog, you know you’re going to have to get wet.  Or maybe hire someone to do it!  You may have a dog or dogs, as I do, who really don’t like going out in the rain and getting wet.  Now I’m not that kind of dog owner who dresses my dog in matching outfits.  Other than their collars, the occasional bandana is as much as they’ll tolerate. Well I never thought I would suggest this (or be pro-this) but how about a raincoat for your dog?  Hold on give me a chance to explain.  I had a client with a pug, Charlie, a few years back and his owner had left a raincoat out for him.  It was rainy season and sure enough it was raining for one of Charlie’s walks. I said to myself let’s try this out.  Charlie (see picture) seemed to be a little confused by the raincoat but allowed me to get it on him.  I put on his raincoat and to my surprise I was sold! We got back to the house and no need to towel him off, the raincoat had kept him dry! I took a picture of him to send to his owner and that’s when I found out Charlie had never worn it, which explains his confusion! So, if you see me walking my dogs in raincoats, laugh all you want.  My dogs will be dry and my house will be clean (well, sort of, after all, I live with dogs!)  Who has raincoats for their dogs? Now let’s talk boots! Almost better than raincoats, image no muddy footprints!  Now that’s an outfit I’m all for and my dogs like that they don’t get their feet wet.  Don’t knock it, till you try it!

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